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BIOGRAPHY George E. Todd

Born 1925, British photographer George E. Todd grew up in north London. He won a scholarship to study art and had hoped to train in the graphic arts, but the second world war intervened and put an end to his studies. He enlisted in the Royal Air Force, an experience that changed his love of fine art turned into a fascination with mechanical things, which led to a long career in the aviation industry.

In 1972, George Todd moved to Bavaria to work for the German Aerospace Research Establishment. Living in a small village within sight of the Alps soon reawakened his artistic interests, especially in photography. He began to take closeup pictures of flowers, and specialized in detail, still life or human interest subjects using medium and large format cameras. Since 1978, he has enjoyed dozens of “one-man” exhibitions in Europe and in the USA, showing impressionistic landscapes as well as still life and abstract images.

Todd also conducts workshops and seminars. In the mid-1990s he conducted two Fine Art Workshops for Swedish camera maker Hasselblad.

George E. Todd died 19th July 2016.



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