Hasselblad Camera
George Todd Art Photography


My collection catalogue includes all images printed and/or exhibited since 1978, which presently totals around 1150 pictures. There are 5 major Portfolios:


This consists of over 30.000 colour transparencies in 35 mm format dealing with subjects as wide ranging as Archaeology and Geology, through Bavarian village life to racing motorcycles. In the Geology group there are examples of rock formations and Ice Age features, while in the section Archaeology there are sites such
as Stonehenge and other similar locations.

The archive includes a major Botanical collection, in particular Alpine species photographed in western Europe (Alps and Pyrenees) Greece (island populations) Iceland, the Faeroes, east and west Greenland, north America including Canada. This collection is of high quality suitable for botanical guides or similar publications.

Many of the above were also photographed in medium formats (6 x 6 or 6 x 7 cm); others were made on large format films (4 x 5 inch). This part of the archive also includes a wide range of cities and landscapes from many European lands, and Native American sites such as Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly and Aztec. A large number of images are black and white negatives - some dating back to 1953 covering most, if not all, of the above subjects.