Out of print but still available - for example in Amazon

Out of print but still available - for example in Amazon

Still looking for a publisher...

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While trying to sell my first book, Shadow Catching in the American Southwest, I sent a synopsis to London based publisher Aurum Press. They had no place for such a title in their lists, however. Instead, they gave me a commission to write a book for their new Workshop Series. The result was From Seeing to Showing, published also simultaneously in New York by Amphoto as Elements of Black & white Photography - both titles were well reviewed in photo-magazines all over the world, and on numerous websites. There was little reaction to the book in my old homeland. Here are some of my favorites:

Naturally, with my foot literally in the publisher’s door, I dropped ‘Opus 3’ Colorful Encounters on the editor’s desk, and by 2003 it was too on sale in London and New York-again produced in cooperation with Amphoto. I had, however, to live with their choice of title, Elements of Color Photography which the American publisher naturally saw as a follow up to the black and white book - they specialize in ‘how to books’. In retrospect, it was not a fitting title for a book that was more an anthology of Travels with a Camera. Happily reviewers saw Elements of Color Photography favorably too:

Meanwhile, Shadow Catching in the American Southwest is still looking for a publisher. Totaling 128 pages, with over 90 full plate photographs and copious information, this is a book for lovers of black and white photography and photo-safaris’ in America’s Four Corners lands.

Shadow Catching takes a brief look at some of the not so-well-known natural wonders, describes a few of the Wild West’s oddities and introduces some prominent historical figures and artists associated with the Southwest. Much of the photography is concentrated on northern New Mexico, where the flavor of its Spanish heritage can still be enjoyed.