Hasselblad Camera
George Todd Art Photography



My first appearance in Hasselblad’s house magazine in September 1981 in # 68, including the front cover. Entitled Shapes and Structures, it resulted in a specially issued Hasselblad Diploma.


Much lamented on its demise, The black and white art Photographer gave me its front cover and several pages in Journal Four, September 1991 - my first appearance in an English magazine.

Creative Monochrome’s Photo Art International published a few American images in April-May 1997.

The book Best of Friends 1994, by the same publisher, contained 6 of my black and white images. One of these (Works Entrance, Ornans) was seen and selected by Ilford for use at Photokina 1996.

In March ‘97, The Royal Photographic Society Journal published an illustrated story about Hochstadt, Bavaria - the village where I live.

Photo Technique International is perhaps the most prestigious magazine in which my work has appeared. An American Portfolio appeared in the German issue 6/93 and 1/94 (English version.)

Also high-profile, the Italian/English ZOOM published several images from An American Portfolio in issue # 21, July/August ‘97. “Welcome to a Square World”, a piece in praise of Hasselblad published in Camera and Darkroom in Nov. 1998.

Among other magazines, the Munich language teaching magazine group Spotlight have used many of my pictures. These include a Grand Canyon series with front cover in Spotlight January 1992, Images from the Cote du Rhone area published in Ecoute, also in Jan ‘92, and several on the Cota Donana in Ecos June 1992.